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Steel plants workers continue strike

More than 1,500 workers at 26 hot rolling steel plants where iron blocks are converted into steel in "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" Wazirpur Industrial Estate struck work for the fourth day demanding their rights to get Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) health benefits cards, occupational safety measures, and wages for overtime work as mandated by "Anabolika Definition" law. Over 2,000 workers had participated in a rally from Wazirpur to Raja Park on Thursday to launch the strike. With no response from the employers so far, the workers have said they will continue to strike work and have announced nukkad sabha from Monday onwards to involve more workers, and demonstrations on Tuesday.

2013, the employers had agreed to give us ESIC, PF benefits as we are entitled to under the law. Oxandrolone Oral But they have gone back on their word. Workers here labour in Proviron Egypt high risk conditions, in extremely high temperature. Yet, the employers do not provide even the basic "Anadrol 50" benefits under the law, said Raghuraj, a community worker living in the area.

Sunny Singh, a labour activist with Mazdoor Bigul Dasta who is supporting the Garam "Oxandrolone Powder India" Rolla Mazdoor Ekta Samiti workers strike, said that over the next few days the workers planned to reach out to all workers in the 600 odd cold rollers plants in Wazirpur Industrial Estate. laws are being violated in all plants in the Primobolan Hgh Cycle industrial area. Factory owners are giving neither wage slips, nor identity cards. Besides ESI, PF, the employers must give a month salary as bonus, and increasing the lunch allowance from Rs.100 to Rs.150, said Mr. Singh.

Court apathy

A 45 year old who has worked as a mason in a Wazirpur "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" plant for the last 25 years said the workers had decided to strike work after they were disappointed with the lack of response from the labour courts. have been fighting court cases for overtime, for PF etc. We have tried to approach the labour offices at Nimni Colony many times since 2013, but there have been no changes. Will the courts not listen to the poor? he asked.

In 2012, the workers had struck work to demand a weekly off, which they had not been allowed till then. In June 2013, they had struck work to demand they be paid minimum wages. I live near the factory in a small room with three of my children. We find it hard to pay rent and pay school fees for my children. We get paid Rs.8,000 after 12 hour work shifts but the rent alone is over Rs.2,000. We are paid in cash with no salary slips and we have never been paid PF, health benefits all these years, said another worker. will strike work till we are compensated overtime wage for 12 hour work shifts as the law prescribes, he added.